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Holidays Near Venice

Are you looking for a hotel in Lido di Jesolo that offers a central but quiet position, conveniently located directly by the beach? A hotel which has a friendly environment and comfortable spaces to welcome all your family, with a private beach and a pool? Here we have the right location for you: Hotel Tritone.

The Hotel Tritone is a 2 star hotel located in an amazing position on the sea-front of Jesolo, near Venice, that offers its guests cheap benefits and modern amenities in a place where to feel at home.

If you want to start your day enjoying a breathtaking sea-view, if you want to live a relaxing, snug vacation of sun, sea and fun for with your family or with your friends: Hotel Tritone is the right answer to all your needs.

The hotel offers basic rooms also with sea-view balcony, a pool by the beach and a private beach equipped with umbrellas and sunbeds at disposal.  

What are you waiting for? Enjoy your holiday of seaside and relaxation at the Hotel Tritone, for the best beach holidays near Venice!

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